SEK 35 million to help companies develop digital strategies Mar 01

Small businesses in 18 regions of Sweden can apply for support to expand their digital expertise and export potential. This should improve their competitiveness in international markets as well as increase job creation. Read more ›

Regular visits to Sweden can result in a full tax liability Feb 15

The Council for Advance Tax Rulings has decided in a recent ruling that a person who stays even just 111 nights of a twelve-month period in Sweden, is to be considered as on permanent stay and therefore should pay all taxes in Sweden. 
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Finance sector tax not taken forward Feb 08

Last November, the Committee on Tax on the Finance Sector presented a proposal to decrease the tax advantages of the financial sector. The Government decided that due to the proposal's potential unintended effects on also the life insurance and fintech companies, it will not be taken forward.  Read more ›

Taxation changes for start-ups considered Feb 01

Following criticism from Sweden's leading technology startups, the government is considering taxation changes to lower the tax burden on share option-based remuneration.  Read more ›

Decision on health-care contributions relating to gym memberships Jan 25

It has been determined that a tax-free health care contribution may not be used to buy gym memberships that offer more than simple exercise.

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Review tax payments to avoid paying interest Jan 18

You can make an extra payment to your tax account to avoid paying interest charges if you have paid too little preliminary tax in 2016. The current charge interest on arrears is 1.25% (base rate) until the expiry date. After the due date, the interest rate is the base rate plus 15 percentage points, ie 16.25% currently.

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Tax on air travel considered Jan 11

The Swedish government is considering a tax on commercial flights that take off from Swedish airports. It would be paid on flights that are approved to carry over ten passengers.  Read more ›

VAT exemption for companies with low sales Jan 04

Companies or organisations with annual sales under SEK30000 have now the opportunity to apply to be exempt from VAT.  Read more ›